■ Anouc would say... ■

Thats my little blog about my ... my abstract life xD
If you´re nosily about what i do all the time than feel free to have a look ^^

I hope i can upload a little bit regularly than befor T_T ... I am not really good in doing blog-entrys but maybe now its a better time to try it again ^_~
... Hey guys ^^

Have i shown?

I ordered two wigs for two new girls ^^ ...

one for Alna


and one for the little new girl (without name X_X)


...♣ ♣ ♣...

By the way, i need a new name for my cute little girl ... doese anyone know a nice name? ^^

And i call Alna now Alana ^^ ... I dont like the same name like everyone else who have her ^^ But i dont like to change it tooo different ^^ ... So her name is now Alana ^^

So today i say and ask for: PLEASE FIND A NAME FOR MY MDD GIRL ^^


■ Name ^^

How about Alice? :3

■ Re: Name ^^

Really cute, but one of my girls name is Alice xD ... So a second Alice isnt good xD

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