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Thats my little blog about my ... my abstract life xD
If you´re nosily about what i do all the time than feel free to have a look ^^

I hope i can upload a little bit regularly than befor T_T ... I am not really good in doing blog-entrys but maybe now its a better time to try it again ^_~

Snow snow snow everywhere *tilt* ... Dont want it anymore >__>
02-08 23:34

@Error_Chan why not?
02-08 23:08

Natsukis sister? Nothing special for me *yes* ^^
02-08 22:28

@MotokoYamamoto want to say, i love your Mio vers. ^__^ first time i can say Mio is cute
02-08 14:32

@shadoniia but information for some resin dolls are out or am i wrong?!?
02-08 14:28

@TheNekoconeco ha ha thats pretty cool ^\\^ i need that xDDD
02-08 14:17

@TheNekoconeco nice to know, but is it useable when someone use Twippa? XD
02-08 14:10

@shadoniia oh i think this weekend? No nooo only the hope that there arent any cute girls. Dont want to save money anymore xDDD
02-08 14:01

@dannychoo nay
02-08 13:59

Any new news from Volks about DDs? >__<
02-08 13:53

@dannychoo yay
02-08 13:52

@MotokoYamamoto thats ok ;D
02-08 13:52

@Innocentsake i understand that xD ... I am in bed :3 ... But i have to go to work in 7h >_<
02-08 13:50

Good nights ~
02-08 08:18

@tanoshimini last day of work in 12h ;-)))
02-08 07:59

@theNekopon i dont have a piggy bank -_-" it died with sakuya xD
02-08 07:56

Deadman wonderland... Thats what i was thinking about.. The little white girl... Again didnt know her name. But she would be an awesome char
02-08 07:55

@theNekopon this picture remindes me of an other charackter... Ugnnnnnh caaant remember the name arrrrg
02-08 07:53

@MotokoYamamoto and charackter doll... I am not really up to date, but which animes are popular atm?!?
02-08 07:50

@MotokoYamamoto also heads, we got a lot new heads 05-07 ... So no new heads. Or maybe a male head. But 07 seems to be very male...
02-08 07:49

@MotokoYamamoto new bodys are out... Hmmm maybe a new DDdy body? Each others are new.
02-08 07:48

@MotokoYamamoto no without a joke, what do you think doese volks release? ... Any fate again? Or shining series?
02-08 07:44

@MotokoYamamoto noooooo (・Д・)ノ
02-08 07:42

@theNekopon sounds like a really cool job!
02-08 07:40

@MotokoYamamoto please nothing cute >__> ... Dont have enough money xD
02-08 07:39

@theNekopon oh how nice ^__^ do you spend a lot of time with your family?
02-08 07:39

@theNekopon and you work on disney games?!? Doese it than mean?!? *___*
02-08 07:38

@theNekopon why are you so tired? Didnt you slept very well in the night?
02-08 07:32

@theNekopon disney interaktiv mobil? Whats that xD ... Ok i know disney, sure. But what is interaktive mobil?
02-08 07:32

@theNekopon what do you work? ^^
02-08 07:28

@theNekopon in my bed <3 ... Its 11:30 PM ...
02-08 07:27

@theNekopon how are you ^^
02-08 07:20

Hello ^^
02-08 07:18

Start the last round for kyoya ^__^
02-08 04:35


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