■ Anouc would say... ■

Thats my little blog about my ... my abstract life xD
If you´re nosily about what i do all the time than feel free to have a look ^^

I hope i can upload a little bit regularly than befor T_T ... I am not really good in doing blog-entrys but maybe now its a better time to try it again ^_~

@LindseyStirling d..mn, i mean excited xD ... But ma...y...be exciting for some people xD
06-18 02:57

@LindseyStirling: One day left befor Hamburg. Are you exciting? XP
06-18 02:55


Ich mag Dropbox, weil ... ich mags nicht!!!!! ... Zwingt einem zu Falschaussagen und Zwangsklicks! http://t.co/I1I9TqSCkU
06-06 05:25