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Thats my little blog about my ... my abstract life xD
If you´re nosily about what i do all the time than feel free to have a look ^^

I hope i can upload a little bit regularly than befor T_T ... I am not really good in doing blog-entrys but maybe now its a better time to try it again ^_~
Today i was at the cinema and saw a film named
"Snowwhite and the Huntsman"

It was really stunning, great effects and a nice story!

Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is the princess of Tabor, daughter of King Magnus (Noah Huntley) and Queen Eleanor (Liberty Ross). After his wife's death, King Magnus falls in love with the beautiful Ravenna (Charlize Theron) after rescuing her from the Dark Army, a fleet of invincible glass soldiers who have enslaved several of the neighboring kingdoms. The two are married but Ravenna — who is in fact a powerful sorceress and the Dark Army's master — kills Magnus on their wedding night after observing that men like the King exploit the beauty of women and discard them. As Ravenna seizes control of the kingdom, Magnus' most trusted knight, Duke Hammond (Vincent Regan), attempts to help Snow White escape the Castle, but fails, and she is captured by Ravenna's brother and enforcer Finn (Sam Spruell). Snow White is then locked away in a small cell in the Northern Tower. ... more on ->
Snowwhite and the Huntsman (Wiki)

Its full of realy stunning and lovely details. I love such films full of phantasy and love <3 ...
And a plus: The Soundtrack is amazing!


One of the Soundtrack-tracks remind me of an old friend. It reminds me of the awesome talking-nights we had ~^.^~ ...and of the one or other common characters we have. I wish we hadnt renounce our friendship, but sometimes one person is one to much.
Sometimes live is like a big quest we must overcome!
And if there is a fate, than it will do the right!
...I hope so...

The Quest ♫

Are you a geocacher?
Thats so awesome.
I love it!!!

I tried it today and it was stunning! A real fun ^^ ...

What is geocaching?
"Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online." - is the discription of the side geocaching.com.
Its such a lovely idea <3 ...

I tried it today near my house. I never notice that there are treasures near it ^.^~ ...
Such a funny idea.
You should try it!

(sorry only photos from my phone >___<)

My very first treasure <3

My second treasure


My thirt and last (for today ^^) treasure
Hurray Volks answered <3 ...
They where very friendly and comunicativ and civil and at least they will replace both parts! ... Thank you very much.

But...but at last i feel a little bit sorry about my "wrong" girl, what will happen now with her Q________Q ... What will they do with her?

I asked them XP ... I maybe feel better when i know what will happen with her ^^~



I got my Sakuya Shining Blade Dollfie Dream yesterday.
I decided to do an opening-story, but after i opened her head and saw her faceup i stop feeling anything...

Sakuya faceup

After i digest the first shock i unpacked the rest.
But if that wrong faceup isnt enough, i found some mistakes on her short west too ...
(Sorry if this sounds persnickety but after the faceup i wasnt that happy anymore and couldnt ignore anything else anymore >___>)

I am not sure, but this small small small little bands (on my fingers) are for holding the west-parts arent they? But then the one side is wrong placed!? ...
Sakuya dress

And than there are brown seams? Why are there BROWN seams?
And than that bad white seams... so frayed?

ATM i really regret to ordered direct from volks >_> 
I wrote a mail to VOLKS and opened a disput on paypal. I know thats hard and drastic but I think its an impertinence from VOLKS to send this out and hope the user ignore that.

Maybe its only a control-mistake ... but two mistakes on one girl?
ATM i am more than terrific to buy a character girl from VOLKS again >_>
Because its more then expensive to buy them as an european, and need much cogitations "should i or should i not"


Huuuuuuuu i am a little bit speakless >_< ...
I am happy but at the same time a little bit angry...
I lost 190€ to the custom office today >_____>
Sometimes i hate this hobby xD ... But ok, Sakuya is allready home <3
Will show a box-opening in some hours ^_^

I say: i hate custom office!!!!!!