■ Anouc would say... ■

Thats my little blog about my ... my abstract life xD
If you´re nosily about what i do all the time than feel free to have a look ^^

I hope i can upload a little bit regularly than befor T_T ... I am not really good in doing blog-entrys but maybe now its a better time to try it again ^_~
Yesterday ... yeeees yesterday my cutie girl finally arrived. It was such a long journey with lots of contacts with Volks, but finally Sakuyas head arrived.
She and her faceup seams perfect. At last!!!
I am so happy to have her now *_____* ...
My plan was to give her a DDS body and with help from a good friend, her body arrived faster than Sakuya itself ;-)
Now she looks perfect for me...i really love my Bella ~




Hurray Volks answered <3 ...
They where very friendly and comunicativ and civil and at least they will replace both parts! ... Thank you very much.

But...but at last i feel a little bit sorry about my "wrong" girl, what will happen now with her Q________Q ... What will they do with her?

I asked them XP ... I maybe feel better when i know what will happen with her ^^~



Huuuuuuuu i am a little bit speakless >_< ...
I am happy but at the same time a little bit angry...
I lost 190€ to the custom office today >_____>
Sometimes i hate this hobby xD ... But ok, Sakuya is allready home <3
Will show a box-opening in some hours ^_^

I say: i hate custom office!!!!!!